Why settle for endless tables and tedious spreadsheets? You’ll surely win over your colleagues with the attractive charts and tables in cubus outperform EV Analytics.

Formatting the table provides you with endless freedom in representing your data in an attractive form and turn it into valuable information for your report recipients. You may apply formats not only to rows, columns and individual cells, but also to specific generations of a database dimension hierarchy or an individual set of members. Formatting will automatically follow the position of the element on the report, which means that there is no rework in formatting when changing the selection of your report.

Its wide selection of chart types including maps, gauges and table/chart combinations effectively visualizes data so that users can see the big picture.

How complex you design your reports is completely up to you. You can view your results online in a browser, send them as an e-mail, export them as Excel or PDF files, and print them complete with a table of contents, title and footnotes directly from the web.

cubus outperform provides you with a report manager that allows you to regularly produce sets of reports and send them automatically to the report recipients via e-mail.

For Reporting issues it is important to create meaningful reports. How to do? Have a look at our chapter Visual Information Design.