Analysing data and reporting is one of the most important topics for all organisations. It is necessary to understand what happened in the past and the current situation your company is in.

Many years ago analysing data was much easier than today. In the past you were happy if you could retrieve your data from software systems. You have to trust that the data is the right data. Today, there are so many data sources, data warehouses, relational databases, additional data in excel, some data here and some data there. However, you can be sure you have the right data from your system. Compelling dashboards provide executives with the latest insight into all important KPIs so that they can make fact-based decisions.

Today it is difficult to get an overview of the most important KPI or display meaningful information based on your data. The challenge is preparing the data in tables or charts. Visualisation of data is very important and so many new chart types only add to this complexity. A development in the area of data visualisation is the ability to create dashboards.

Using the canvas object you are able to personally design your own dashboard or provide dashboards for your end-users. Simply by re-using existing views you can create a set of different graphical and tabular representations, combined on one screen and connecting to one or more different data sources you can provide a comprehensive overview of complex business situations.